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Why Viiva?

What was the most important thing you did this morning? Was it something for you? We’re willing to bet your most important tasks are usually for someone else. Someone you care about. We know people depend on you and that you’re there for them every day; even when you might not have time for yourself. That’s why Viiva is here for you. We know you don’t always have time to focus on your health first thing in the morning. So, we’re determined to help you take the little time you do have to spend on personal nutrition every morning and make it count.

Viiva Blog

Viiva is Focused on Breakfast

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The research is pretty clear.

This isn’t new information. Yet, most people don’t take the time. Why? Most people don’t have any time to take. We go with a quick fix for right now because no one has time to focus on the effects it will have on us later on. All the while knowing those same people who depend on us today will need us then, as well. So, how can we do better?Viiva has a solution: We’re making breakfast the most important minute of the day. 

We’re giving you a fast, nutritious, customizable breakfast that gives you everything your body needs for a great today, and a healthful tomorrow.

Our Product

We’ve developed a unique concept that is both convenient and customizable. It starts with a solid foundation of protein. Choose between whey or plant-based in either chocolate or vanilla. Simple enough.

Now, here’s where it gets personal. Viiva leaves it up to you to choose how breakfast helps today.

Do you need more energy? Are you looking to trim down? Are you focused on improving digestive health, lowering inflammation, and detoxing? What about boosting your immune system with incredible amounts of antioxidants?

All it takes is a little kiik.

Kiiks are scientifically formulated to help you focus on your individual nutritional needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all fix. Viiva gives you the freedom to customize your breakfast to fit you. As your needs change, so does your breakfast. And as we grow, so will our lineup of kiiks. Just add your personal kiik mix to your base, shake, and you’re off – all in a minute or less.

Benefits and Opportunities

We’re currently leading up to our official pre-launch in March and there’s no better time to join our growing family. Viiva is lead by an experienced executive leadership team with a history of success. Our vision is to transform how people eat breakfast and start a world-wide movement toward long-term health.

We know your time is valuable and that when you devote your time and energy to a cause, it needs to be meaningful. That’s why in addition to helping people focus on their long-term health, we reward you for your commitment to Viiva with a progressive compensation package that few companies in the world can match..

A Culture of Caring

At the heart of our family is a desire to give. Viiva is dedicated to empowering families to have a healthy breakfast each day. And we’ve also partnered with the World’s Children’s Fund to aid in their mission to feed; provide humanitarian and disaster relief; build homes and orphanages, and support medical clinics and school throughout the world. Our company culture is rooted in the desire to enrich the life of every person we reach.

Join Viiva

Come with us on this mission! Viiva needs your passion for health, your determination to help others, and your great example to share our message. Help us change how people eat breakfast and watch the most important minute of the day transform the world.

Enroll now with no obligation, and save your place in the company. You’ll get important updates as we count down to our official pre-launch in March.

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