VIIVA is a new innovative enterprise that integrates social, e-commerce, and sharing economies to create a one-of-a-kind company focused on health and wellness. VIIVA’s company headquarters is in Lehi, Utah, and in October 2019, VIIVA officially launched in Los Angeles, CA. Expanding quickly, VIIVA launched in mainland China in December 2019. VIIVA will continue its global expansion throughout the new decade with the goal of having 100 million families enjoying VIIVA products every single day. VIIVA is more than optimal nutrition; it’s a lifestyle. By providing the best tools, high-quality and science-backed products, VIIVA aspires to help others WAKE UP AND LIVE their best lives. No more settling for average or “just okay”, VIIVA wants to help you wake up to your best TODAY.

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Our Product

VIIVA has created a unique line of Bases and add ins (referred to as Kiiks) that combine to make the ultimate breakfast for overall wellness. Not only does our breakfast meet and exceed guidelines provided by the National Institutes of Health, but it’s extremely fast, simple, and convenient. At VIIVA, we believe an individual can completely transform their life in just one minute per day. It takes just one minute to prepare our product, but that investment of just one minute per day can bring benefits that will start the day off right and lead to overall wellness. This 1-minute miracle is easy to achieve with our two-step process. Step one is choosing a VIIVA nutrient-rich base, and step two is customizing the base by adding a Kiik. Add your favorite milk and blend together for a delicious breakfast! This powerful combination allows a person to tailor their nutrition to specific health needs and transform their life.

pick a base, add a kiik, add liquid and shake!

Now, here’s where it gets personal. VIIVA leaves it up to you to choose how breakfast helps today.

Do you need more energy? Are you looking to trim down? Are you focused on improving digestive health, lowering inflammation, and detoxing? What about boosting your immune system with incredible amounts of antioxidants?

Viiva Kiiks

All it takes is a little kiik.

Kiiks are scientifically formulated to help you focus on your individual nutritional needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all fix. VIIVA gives you the freedom to customize your breakfast to fit you. As your needs change, so does your breakfast. And as we grow, so will our lineup of kiiks. Just add your personal kiik mix to your base, shake, and you’re off – all in a minute or less.

VIIVA has recently expanded its product line to now include supplements, skin care, and non-slip shoes! As the company continues to grow, we prioritize creating innovative products that enhance all aspects of your life.

A Culture of Caring

At the heart of our family is a desire to give. VIIVA is dedicated to empowering families to have a healthy breakfast each day. And we’ve also partnered with the World’s Children’s Fund to aid in their mission to feed those in need, provide humanitarian and disaster relief, build homes and orphanages, and support medical clinics and school throughout the world. Our company culture is rooted in the desire to enrich the life of every person we reach.

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