Breakthrough to a Century-Old Scientific Conundrum:  NAD+ Supplement

Since the discovery of NAD+ in 1904, many Nobel Prize winners have reiterated that “NAD+ deficiency” is a key pathological factor in a number of aging-related diseases, but how to directly supplement NAD+ to combat aging has never been realized. In the past, most scientists believed that NAD+ molecules were too large to enter cells, and could only be converted by ingesting smaller precursors into the body itself. Still, the conversion efficiency varies from person to person, and it is not known whether it can really work. According to the latest scientific research, the pathway for NAD+ to enter cells has been discovered, and a more direct and effective option to enhance NAD+ will soon be available.

NAD+ is key to the functioning of the mitochondrion in cells and is essential to protecting the body from the effects of aging and related diseases. With aging, NAD+ synthesis decreases and NAD+-depleting enzyme activity increases. Under these dual effects, NAD+ content in human cells gradually decreases, and a significant increase in the incidence of aging-related diseases has been observed with decreased NAD+ content. Human clinical trials have shown that exogenous NAD+ supplementation has an ameliorative effect in the treatment of aging-related diseases. Therefore, how to orally administer NAD+ to achieve anti-aging by directly and precisely entering NAD+ into cellular mitochondrion presents a compelling means to improving aging diseases in the population. On July 1, 2022, the NAD+ research team at the Australian Institute of Integrative Medicine, New South Wales, Australia, published an article entitled “Role of Cx43 and SLC25A51 Transporters-New Perspectives in NAD+ Supplementation to Improve Mitochondrial Performance“. After matching and analyzing the results of numerous studies, the study presents a unique viewpoint that using the gap junction (Cx43) and the SLC25A51 mitochondrial NAD + transporter to smoothly deliver NAD+ into the mitochondrion will effectively improve the efficiency of the mitochondrion and achieve the goal of replenishing NAD+ for anti-aging effects. This strategy will enhance the overall redox and non-redox conversion of NAD+ in and out of the mitochondrion, and provides a solution to the dilemma of ineffective conversion of precursors and inaccessibility of supplementing NAD+ into the mitochondrion, thereby affecting the benefits of NAD+ replenishment.

Since the launch of NMN Premium Edition, which has a clear advantage in absorption and utilization, VIIVA has continued its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge research, and has partnered with many authoritative experts in the field, including the Australian College of Eastern Medicine, the Australian Institute of Integrative Medicine, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the University of New South Wales, to apply the aforementioned NAD+ exogenous direct supplementation technology, together with the golden formula of PQQ and UA to develop NAD+ DIRECT™, which aims provide steadfast support for anti-aging of the population. As an innovative health company, VIIVA has always focused on the healthcare field and continues to focus on human health and wellbeing while breaking through industry bottlenecks. The launch of NAD+DIRECT™ is an apt demonstration of another major research advancement in the field of anti-aging by VIIVA.


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