REVIVAL | VIIVA’s 2nd and 3rd V-Star Academies Were a Complete Success!



On July 23, the 2nd & 3rd V-Star Academy sessions ended and were a complete success. Members of the VIIVA Family from all around the world gathered together online. Brimming with joy and full of excitement, the VIIVA Family celebrated the success of today after a tough journey with many twists and turns.


Creating confidence for network marketing through policy interpretations, best practices, and interviews with successful Brand Partners, this V-Star Academy followed the blueprint of the 1st V-Star Academy Course. Attendees heard a detailed overview of strategy, career advice, and recognition of our most successful leaders.


Despite the ever-changing market, VIIVA continues to grow with unwavering determination. VIIVA joins hands with global partners to set sail, grow, and advance every day. At VIIVA, there is not only celebration of current achievements, but also a focus on motivating and creating new highs in the future.

领袖掌舵 再攀巅峰

A Pacesetter Taking the Helm and Moving Ahead Towards New Waters


In the context of repeated epidemics, VIIVA always stays true to its business mission, and helps more people live a healthy and happy life.


In the past few months, VIIVA vigorously launched a new anti-aging product: NAD+ DIRECT. VIIVA has always and will continue to be passionate about health, anti-aging, and boosting the immune system. The diverse product mix and outstanding scientific research strength at VIIVA demonstrate a confidence in leading the market.

VIIVA全球董事/ 全球COO/ 国际CEO Clovis刘冠业作为VIIVA国际事业掌舵人在活动中感触良多,从全球化的视角为VIIVA伙伴带去热情与希望,VIIVA事业之路注定非同凡响。

Mr. Clovis Lau, Global Director/Global COO/International CEO of VIIVA, who always takes the helm of international business development, was passionate during the event. He brings enthusiasm and hope to VIIVA Partners from a global perspective. No doubt, the career path of all VIIVA Brand Partners is bright.


The growth of business is undoubtedly due to VIIVA’s favorable policies. Mr. Rex, General Manager of VIIVA Taiwan, elaborated on the corporate reward system and strategy as a driving force of business.


Thanks to the comprehensive support at the corporate level and perseverance by dedicated brand partners, all members of VIIVA Family will reach new peaks in their careers.

爆款产品 凸显实力

Powerful Products to Lead the Market


In addition to the policy support, the development of VIIVA is also inseparable from a series of game-changing products following VIIVA Breakfast. Breakfast+ Series, Immunity-Boosting and Anti-Aging Series, Anti-Aging Skin Care Series…game-changing products designed to make a big impact on the market.


Their success and optimal performance is thanks to the professional research and development done by the VIIVA Product and Science Board. The expert members of the board stated their views and vividly told the behind-the-scenes stories of the development of these key products.

星耀加冕 光芒无限

Crowning Achievment


VIIVA is committed to helping people achieve their dreams! It was an honor to acknowledge the hardworking Brand Partners who reached new heights this year. They were all excited to have their big moment!


During the event, the worldwide leaders, including V Stars, Star Creators, Blue Diamond leaders, Black Diamond leaders, and Crown leaders, who came out top, were successfully crowned and named as role models. They prove time and time again that the hard work of planting each small seed will always lead to a plentiful harvest.

最佳实践 解密成功

Best Practices for Success


The leaders’ success stories not only defined their own path to success, but provide a helpful blueprint for other members of VIIVA Family to find a way forward. In order to guide more Brand Partners to success, the V-Star Academy held a brainstorming session of best practice sharing, to help all brand partners implement the techniques in their own business.


From sleep solutions to basic nutrition, from anti-aging solutions to immunity-boosting solutions, from business opportunities to living life to the fullest, all of these can help all our Brand Partners find success in their personal and public lives. Excellent partners from many markets, such as the United States, Taiwan, Japan, and more, introduced their own practices to success. VIIVA Brand Partners gained a lot from the sharing of thorough and informative techniques and advice.


On the day of the event, a raffle was held. Five partners from different markets were luckiest of the day and won NAD+DIRECT, the newest VIIVA product.


REVIVAL, 2022 VIIVA 2nd & 3rd V-Star Academies ended as a complete success. This grand event, exclusive to VIIVA Brand Partners, helped inspire and motivate members to find success and reach their goals!

下一届V星学院的考核号角正式吹响,未来,希望在VIIVA的舞台上见证更多伙伴成就荣誉,问鼎巅峰,迎接自己的V人生。Another V-Star Academy Session is soon to come! We cannot wait to honor more partners as they celebrate, share their success, and add to their own VIIVA journey.


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