Fell Off Your Diet? 4 Steps to Get Back on Track

Maybe you lost a few pounds. Maybe you lost a TON of pounds.

Then life happened… and you fell off track.

“But I was doing so well!” you say. I hear you. Been there, done that.

Regardless of why you veered off, here are some suggestions to help you get back on track. 

1. Let it go.

That’s right. It’s okay to fall off as long as you get back on plan. It doesn’t benefit you to waste time focusing on how much you would’ve lost or why you failed after so much success.

After all, stewing on guilt and what could have been only creates negative vibes that you don’t need in your life.

Interrupt that negative feedback loop before it begins its downward spiral.

2. Write down your goals.

Write down your goals. Putting pen to paper will help keep you accountable and focused!

Make sure to place it somewhere where you can see it often. It could be a post-it note, or a digital note on your desktop, or a smartphone wallpaper.

You want a reminder at every turn, if possible.

Sure, the note will become background blur like most things in our lives but if you’re getting distracted by life’s challenges, a simple reminder can help keep the train from derailing.

3. Do what worked but with caution.

  • If you already worked a plan and it was giving you the results you wanted – until life got in the way – then go back to the proven plan. This time, though, start with small changes. Jumping in gung-ho may not work in the long run. This can cause you to drop it when life once again interferes with your regular programming.
  • If your diet wasn’t really giving you results, consider a new method or approach. Start with small changes regardless.

Jumping into a new behavior with guns blazing looks cool and feels cool… until you burn out and leave it altogether.

The phoenix rising from the ashes metaphor is cliche and deluded. That’s not how life works. Your ideal weight is achieved by small changes, day by day.

In matters of behavior change, slow and steady always wins the race. That’s how you build long-lasting habits.

4. Start again and don’t deviate.

Now it’s time to act – whatever form that takes. Consistency is the goal, but remember it’s okay to lose focus sometimes. Don’t beat yourself over it. Write your goals again, keep them visible. Get back on the gym and/or that diet, and do it slowly. Don’t overwhelm your brain.

And if you already have these healthy habits and simply want to get back on track, try these steps and in no time your mind will click the old patterns back into place.

You won’t even remember losing your way.


Hector is VIIVA’s copywriter. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. His favorite activities include collecting dusty typewriters, writing suspense fiction, and songwriting.


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