What is the Difference between NMN Premium and NAD+ DIRECT?

You’ve heard! VIIVA has a new product called NAD+ DIRECT.

NAD+ DIRECT is a capsule taken once a day that is designed to replenish your body’s supply of the compound Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

But wait, doesn’t VIIVA already have a Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) supplement?

Yes, NMN Premium is another VIIVA product that supplements NAD. With NMN Premium, two capsules are taken daily to provide the body with NAD’s amazing health benefits. 

Both NMN Premium and NAD+ DIRECT are great choices, but they do have a few differences.

NMN Premium vs. NAD+ DIRECT

NMN Premium provides the body with NAD by using a precursor. Each capsule contains Nicotinamide Mononucleotide which then converts to NAD in the body.

Other precursors for NAD are tryptophan, nicotinic acid, nicotinamide, and nicotinamide riboside. Most of the NAD+ products on the market today are typically precursors and the monthly cost ranges from 300 to 3000 dollars.

In contrast, NAD+ DIRECT does not require a precursor. 

NAD+ DIRECT is a product of the combined efforts of VIIVA’s Scientific Board, the Australian College of Eastern Medicine, the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (Australia), the Royal Australasian College, and the laboratory of the University of New South Wales. They established the brand-new technique which is designed to allow NAD to be consumed orally and effectively travel through the body and to the cells for the first time ever. No precursor necessary.

NAD+ Direct incorporates three different technologies: Lipophilic Encapsulation, Cell-penetrating Peptides, and Enzyme-Mediated Technology. This is what makes it possible to orally supplement NAD.

We like to think of NAD+ DIRECT as the Cadillac of NAD supplements. Some people who have taken NAD+ DIRECT for three months have reported seeing the same results as getting NAD through an IV injection.

But overall, both supplements are great choices that may replenish your body’s supply of NAD. 

It is like water. Water is essential for life, and it doesn’t matter how or where you get water as long as you drink enough. 

In the same way, your body needs NAD. 

The body has many pathways for getting NAD+. NAD+ Direct is taking newest pathway.

Meet the Author: Hanna is the Communications Coordinator at VIIVA. She recently graduated summa cum laude from Southern Oregon University and now lives in Portland with her family. Her favorite hobbies include reading and singing, and her favorite VIIVA product is the Chocolate Organic Plant Base!


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