Get to Know NAD+ DIRECT: The Newest Way to Supplement NAD+

VIIVA is excited to introduce a brand new supplement – NAD+ DIRECT.

NAD+ DIRECT features groundbreaking, new technology for supplying the body with NAD+. Specially treated Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, which naturally contains NAD+, is encapsulated and then protected with 5 different layers to travel through the body on a pathway to reach your cells safely. NAD+ DIRECT is the first supplement to take advantage of this newly discovered pathway to help you get the best results possible.

Why NAD+ DIRECT is great for your health

  • Feel young again – research shows that boosting NAD+ by IV or oral supplementation may slow down aging and bring back that spring in your step from your youth.
  • It’s great for your cells – NAD+ helps repair your DNA and cellular damage caused by free radicals and other factors present in your daily life. 
  • Promotes beautiful skin – Ingredients work together to promote skin health; for nicer, plumper, and more beautiful skin. 
  • Your organs will thank you – NAD+ will benefit your liver, heart, kidneys, brain, etc.

And a whole lot more!

What is NAD+?

NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a crucial compound found in every living cell in the human body. Involved in hundreds of metabolic processes, it has been found to play an important role in how fast the body ages. When we receive enough NAD+ your body functions more efficiently. 

And there is no such thing as too much NAD! In fact, you can combine NAD+ DIRECT with our best-selling NMN Premium for better results. Designed in Australia, NAD+ DIRECT incorporates three different technologies to improve bioavailability and the effectiveness of its absorption in your body: Lipophilic Encapsulation, Cell-penetrating Peptides, and Enzyme-Mediated Technology.

Why take NAD+ DIRECT?

The body’s supply of NAD+ decreases with age, and a lack of NAD+ has been associated with decreased muscle tone, aging skin, increased inflammation, greater risk of disease, and a decrease in cell and organ function. This is why it is so important to supplement this “fountain of youth” compound.

And who doesn’t want to feel young again? At VIIVA, we know that your health is one of your top priorities – if not your number ONE priority. That’s why we’ve created NAD+ DIRECT. 

NAD+ DIRECT is now available!


Hector is VIIVA’s copywriter. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. His favorite activities include collecting dusty typewriters, writing suspense fiction, and songwriting.


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