Global Launch of NAD+ DIRECT

Announcing the global launch of NAD+ DIRECT by VIIVA & the Australian medical community.

With the discovery of X-rays, doctors began to “see” diseases up close; with the discovery of penicillin, the average human lifespan expanded from 40 to 62. As an innovation-driven company, VIIVA has been exploring the frontiers of aging with a focus on health and wellness. April 9th is the global launch of revolutionary NAD+ DIRECT by VIIVA & the Australian medical community, which will mark a milestone in the history of NAD+ science.

An innovative achievement that blazes new trails across the industry

The birth of NAD+ DIRECT is a breakthrough in NAD+ science. NAD+ DIRECT is attributed to the joint efforts of VIIVA’s Scientific Board, the Australian College of Eastern Medicine, the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (Australia), the Royal Australasian College (Australia), and the laboratory of the University of New South Wales. By tackling the absorption rate of NAD+ oral supplement with the brand-new DRT technique, a new era is ushered in. With an innovative product formula, VIIVA NAD+ DIRECT has won the special fund for independent R&D formula granted by the Department of Industry, Australia.

VIIVA works in tandem with prestigious experts in the Australian medical community and conducts intelligent matching of the molecular formula of natural plants by leveraging the innovative DRT technique, advanced algorithms in the global big data of botanical pharmacy compatibility, and high-throughput sequencing. The above process screens the natural “Super Food” raw materials featuring refined proportion, safety, and efficacy. These core ingredients are then revived with the complex eastern wisdom, unleashing a steady source of energy!

Western Technology + Eastern Wisdom = The Future of Wellness 

The launch of VIIVA NAD+ DIRECT marks a breakthrough in life science research. The brand-new concept of integrating western molecular science and eastern knowledge not only pushes the limit of western technology, but also reforms products macroscopically.

Scientists and experts from the Australian College of Eastern Medicine and the National Institute of Integrative Medicine commented that “VIIVA NAD+ DIRECT stands for breakthrough and innovation. It blazes new trails across the industry and brings together concepts from the East and the West. The result of western technology plus eastern wisdom is mutually reinforcing.”

100% Product of Australia, 100% Raw Materials from Australia. Abiding by the highest standards of global health products.

VIIVA NAD+ DIRECT is an innovative new product with patentability. The production is in strict accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) manufacturing safety approval and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, with trustworthy quality and safety. Furthermore, to protect the interests of consumers, the product quality is insured for AUD 10 million (roughly RMB 50 million).

The debut of VIIVA NAD+ DIRECT breaks new ground in the market of NAD+ oral supplements. The safe, sustainable, and widely applicable NAD+ oral supplement is bound to strike an indelible impact on the progress of human health and the innovative Eastern + Western concept will mark a milestone in human history!


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