Get your antioxidants with VRevive’s superior technology!

We often hear about how antioxidants are so good for us, but what are they actually? 

Antioxidants are molecules in the body whose main purpose is to fight free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms in the body that can lead to damage in cells, illness, and aging. 

This is why antioxidants are such a powerful anti-aging tool, because they work in the body to fight and control free radicals! 

You can supply the body with antioxidants by eating specific nutrient-rich foods. Examples of foods high in antioxidants include dark chocolate, blueberries, kale, and acai berries. You can learn more about these superfoods and more by clicking here. But it can be difficult and expensive to keep foods like these fresh on hand, so there are many supplements on the market designed to make getting these superfoods easier. 

Because let’s face it, not everyone wants to eat a cup of acai berries every day.  

However, not all supplements are the same. It can be difficult to choose a supplement with so many options. VIIVA has made it easier with its creation of VRevive. VIIVA’s antioxidant gel packet VRevive is different from other packets on the market because of a special addition in how it is formulated. 

VRevive is unique because it is made with Liposome Technology. 

A liposome is a sphere-shaped carrier made of the same material as a cell membrane. It helps shield nutrients from stomach acid in the body leading to safe delivery of the nutrients inside. Liposome technology is the key to why VRevive is so effective! 

VRevive outperforms the competition because it delivers nutrients to where they need to go in the most effective way possible. Its liposome technology provides maximum bioavailability for maximum results! 

What benefits does VRevive provide? 

Adding VRevive to your daily routine may help with the following: 

  • Fighting free radicals 
  • Recharging your immune system 
  • Nourishing your cells 
  • Promoting healthy aging 
  • Enhancing skin’s vibrancy and elasticity 

VRevive’s potent supply of antioxidants provides many amazing health benefits! 

Meet the Author: Hanna is the Communications Coordinator at VIIVA. She recently graduated summa cum laude from Southern Oregon University and now lives in Portland with her family. Her favorite hobbies include reading and singing, and her favorite VIIVA product is the Chocolate Organic Plant Base!


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