The Ultimate Morning Skincare Routine

If there is a key to healthy skin, it would have to be consistency and quality products.

Finding a routine that works for you and sticking with it leads to beautiful, radiant skin. 

VIIVA recently released its collection of skin care, and it is filled with amazing products made with proven ingredients for youthful and vibrant skin.

Today I will walk you through which VIIVA products to use in your morning skincare routine and how to use them!

Step 1

The first step for healthy, glowing skin is cleansing your face. VIIVA’s Foaming Cleanser utilizes an amino acid formula to gently remove skin impurities. A combination of panthenol and centella extract in the formula work to hydrate skin and relieve discomfort.

Apply 1 to 2 pumps of product on to wet face and gently massage, then thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water. 

Step 2

After cleansing, use VIIVA’s Hydrating Pre Essence to hydrate and freshen up the skin. This formula utilizes saccharide isomerate to bring long-lasting moisturization. 

Apply several drops of the product onto a cotton pad then gently wipe on face; or use with your fingers to spread and gently massage until fully absorbed. 

Step 3

The third step is applying VIIVA’s Revitalizing Youthful Serum. It is designed to help improve collagen production for healthy, radiant skin with its potent combination of ingredients, including NMN and human growth hormone.

Apply two full pumps and gently massage all over face and neck. You may also apply the serum to your hands and forearms.

Step 4

This step focuses on rejuvenating the delicate skin around the eyes. VIIVA’s Firming Eye Cream is a light gel cream specially designed for this use.

Apply a small dab of the product on eye contour, gently massage with fingers from the inner corner to the outer corner to help absorb. 

Step 5

The final step is VIIVA’s Renewing Ultimate Cream. This cream is enriched with peptides and multiple plant extracts, is formulated to revive skin, increase skin elasticity, and nourish skin for both day and night.

Apply desired amount of cream on cleansed and toned face, gently massage with fingers to help absorb.

These five steps combine to create a powerful skincare routine for youthful-looking, radiant skin. 

Nervous about being consistent with a five-step routine? Start off by including 1-2 products and work your way up from there!

Healthy, radiant skin is possible with the VIIVA Skincare Collection.


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