Join the fun! Viiva’s 30 Day Challenge is going on now.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I struggle to start new health routines. For example, if I haven’t been exercising, getting back into the habit feels almost impossible! However, when I am properly motivated, the task becomes so much easier and can even become fun!

Viiva’s 30 Day Challenge is here to provide the motivation you may be needing to make your health a priority. It’s 30 days to focus on becoming healthier and happier with the help of Viiva’s amazing products and the support of other people, like you, on a journey to better themselves!

Here are the reasons I love this challenge and why you should join:

  1. It’s only 30 days! Sometimes making health changes can be daunting if there is no end goal. But because this challenge is only a month long, you can set your sights on the end and make a plan to be successful. Plus, you can do ANYTHING for only 30 days! You can do this!
  2. It makes you accountable. An important part of this challenge is posting your progress and story on social media throughout the 30 days. This encourages you stick to the routine and allows for others to support you along the way!
  3. It rewards you for being healthier! It is a win-win situation, you can’t lose! All participants who complete the 30 days and meet all the challenge requirements will receive a FREE bag of Viiva’s amazing product, Trim. So not only do you receive the reward of feeling healthier and happier, you could also win free product!

What is the Viiva 30 Day Challenge?

The Viiva 30 Day Challenge is 30 day social media challenge to work towards your health goal of weight loss or health and beauty for the chance to win amazing prizes.

How does it work?

1. Choose your category

What is your health goal? You will want to use Viiva products throughout the 30 days to help you achieve this goal. For example, for the health and beauty category you may want to try our new product, BioDerma Actives.

  • Weight Loss
  • Health and Beauty
  • Both! (one prize maximum)

2. Pick a month

Which month would you like to complete the 30 days in?

  • August
  • September
  • October

3. Take a before picture and register

Register for the challenge and take a before picture and start your journey! Use the 30 days to commit to your health goals and get results using Viiva’s products. Register HERE.

4. Share your progress

Share photos of your progress throughout the 30 days on your social media
tagging Viiva and using the hashtag #VIIVA30DAYS to increase your chances of winning. After you have completed the 30 days, submit your before and after photos AND written success story describing your experience and transformation using Viiva products.

What could you win?

All participants in both categories who finish the challenge and meet all requirements will receive a FREE bag of Trim! ($75 value)

Everyone in the weight loss category who loses 15 pounds or more and meets all requirements, will receive Viiva’s Refresh and Relax product, worth $125!

The 1st-6th winners of both the Weight Loss and Health & Beauty categories each month will receive:

1st to 3rd place, receive a Build Pack of Viiva products worth $1430.

4th to 6th place, receive a Share Pack of Viiva products worth $715.

Winners will be chosen based 50% on their success story and results, and 50% based off impactful social media posts.

(Post photos twice per week during the month you’ll be entering. Be sure to use the hashtag #VIIVA30DAYS in your posts. Photo examples: You using the products, lifestyle changes, fitness, recipes, etc.) Winners must pay shipping to claim prize.

What are the requirements to be considered to win?

  • An order of at least 100PV is required during the month of submission.
  • Submit a before and after photo to participate in the Weight Loss category. Submit at least one photo to participate in the Health and Beauty category. This photo will be verified.
  • Must post photos on social media tagging Viiva and using the hashtag #VIIVA30DAYS.
  • Submit a testimonial and photo describing or showing any changes noticed for all the Viiva products used during the 30-Day Challenge.
  • Each testimonial you submit must include Viiva products.
  • All winners will be required to post their testimonial on social media and participate on a Viiva product training call or opportunity call.

What should you post?

You can post so many different types of photos or videos on social media for the 30 Day challenge. Recipes, workouts, selfies, and more!

Here are a couple of examples I created:

Ready to join in on the fun?

Don’t miss out on this awesome chance to feel healthier and happier with Viiva! If you are ready to join the challenge, register below!

Want to learn more? Check out this video!

Terms and Conditions: By participating in the Viiva 30 Day Challenge you agree to the following: I am the subject of the photos and have the right to distribute these photos to VIIVA. The decision to share these photos with VIIVA is one that I have made willfully without coercion or external force. I acknowledge submission and/or the use of these photos by VIIVA does not entitle me to any compensation of any kind. I am submitting these photos free of charge to VIIVA.
I acknowledge VIIVA has the sole discretion to determine if it will use my photos. I have no cause of action or right to compensation if VIIVA does not use my photos. I affirm the photos submitted are in the original form and have not been edited or otherwise altered to enhance my appearance or to accentuate any particular result. I declare the differences demonstrated in my photos are results I achieved with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and the incorporation of VIIVA products into my lifestyle. I confirm the photo dates indicated above are the dates on which the photos were taken.


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