Celebrate Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! In this article, I offer several tips on how to celebrate Earth Day.

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is now celebrated in over 192 countries. It is a day to remind us to protect the environment and to cherish the Earth!

How can you get involved in the Earth Day celebration? Check out the tips below!

planting on earth day

#1 Plant something!

Get into the spirit of Earth Day by planting something! Big or small, every plant or tree make a difference! My goal this year is in addition to planting something outside, I also want to add some house plants to my home. This will help bring some of the beauty of the outdoors inside my home!

man hiking

#2 Go outside!

Nature is beautiful and there is always more to explore! Here at the Viiva Headquarters in Lehi, Utah, we are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful mountains and awesome trails. Get to know the area around you and look up a new hiking trail to explore! Earth Day is the best day to be out-and-about in nature.

plants in repurposed planters

#3 Recycle!

If you don’t already, set aside time this Earth Day to plan how you can recycle more! One easy way to recycle is to collect cans and bottles and take them to your local recycling center. Also, research the types of plastics your city recycles you can use your recycling bin properly!

Or you can repurpose items you would normally throw away. The image above shows how to creatively turn old cans into something new!

girl holding reusable bottle

#4 Find ways to reduce single-use products in your home.

There are many easy swaps you can make in your household to cut down on single-use plastics and products. Instead of buying plastic water bottles, invest in a Viiva Bottle which can be used over and over again! (I use mine all the time!)

There are also storage bag alternatives that are reusable, such as these. Another way you can cut down on single-use products is by making an effort to use fewer paper towels. (Cutting down in paper towel usage is own of my personal goals for this year!)

Organic Green Power

#5 Enjoy your fruits and veggies!

The Earth provides all the sustenance and nutrition we need to live healthy lives. Celebrate Earth Day by drinking an Amazon Superfruits or Organic Green Power Kiik to taste the amazing fruits and superfoods provided by Mother Nature! Or if you are like me, drink them both!

What are your plans for today? How will you celebrate this Earth Day? Let us know in the comments below!


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