Six Fun Ways to do Cardio.

Six Fun Ways to Get Your Cardio in.

You slowly approach the treadmill with dread as you quietly wonder just how many endless minutes you’ll have to spend running. You then proceed to jog, heading nowhere, as you check the time every 15 seconds to see if your torture is nearing its end.

Sound familiar?

It’s not a secret that many of us have such a strong aversion to cardio. Luckily, there are more ways than just one to get cardio in. If the treadmill’s not your style, here are a few more exciting options:

1. Kickboxing

If you’re feeling the need to relieve some stress, look no further. You’ll feel like Rocky and leave a sweaty mess, but it’s a great way to accomplish your cardio sans excessive boredom.

2. Zumba

Known for the notoriously colorful costumes, high energy, and Latin and international music, Zumba is a wonderful way to get your sweat on. Let loose and have fun!

3. HIGH Fitness

If weight training, dancing, and cardio were all mixed together in a blender, the result would be High Fitness. High Fitness is challenging, but the time goes by so quickly because of the infectious positive energy! Working out is also way more fun when you get to execute burpees, lunges, and jumps, to the beat of pop culture’s hits.

4. High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training, more commonly known as HIIT, is wonderful because it combines strength training with cardio. Alternating between different anaerobic exercises may be intense, but your workout feels – and is – shorter.

5. Hiking

It’s summertime – aka the perfect hiking weather. Put on your hiking boots, grab your compass, grab a buddy, and embark on an adventure into the wilderness! You’ll be so distracted by nature’s glory that you won’t even have time to worry about how many minutes are left in your workout.

6. Dancing

You are the dancing queeeen! Torch calories through dance! Check out your local country-dancing venue for some boot-scootin’ fun, or maybe trade in the chips and salsa for salsa dancing!

Whatever form of cardio you choose to get your heart pumping, make sure that you ENJOY IT! After you finish your successful sweat session, make sure to re-fuel with VIIVA organic, plant-based protein!



- Jesse Craig

Jesse recently graduated Cum Laude from the University of Utah with a BA in English and a BS in Economics. She loves hiking, writing, cookies, and spending time in the sunshine with loved ones. She currently resides in Utah.


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