Should Women Build Muscle to Lose Weight?

Should Women Build Muscle to Lose Weight?

How often do you think about losing weight? If you’re anything like me then, All. The. Time. I am constantly wanting to shed a few pounds whether it’s for an upcoming event, to get that hot summer bod, or as part of my resolution for the new year. No matter what your reason, the weight loss journey can seem like a daunting task. There are so many diets and workout routines floating around that it can be difficult to choose which ones are going to be the most effective for you.

We all know the obvious- choosing carrot sticks over potato chips is a healthier food choice. Getting your body up and moving is going to burn more calories than binge watching Netflix on your couch. For now, we’ll leave those decisions up to you but focus on one key element that will be a game changer in your weight loss experience this time around.

Weight Lifting.

Now, ladies, a lot of you will hear this and think “I DO NOT want to look like the Incredible Hulk.”   You won’t. So, before you stop reading, let’s talk about a few important points of why building muscle is crucial to losing weight.

• Muscle burns more calories than fat while at rest. In fact, muscle burns about 2.5x more calories than fat does. While trying to lose weight, calories count. It’s a pretty good deal when you’re able to burn 2.5x the calories and not even have to think about it.

• The faster your metabolism, the faster you burn calories. While there aren’t many ways to control your metabolism, there are a few ways to help it. One of those is lifting weights. When you lift weights, your metabolism boosts for up to 24 hours following your workout. So you’ll be burning off calories at a faster rate for the rest of the day.

• You can lose weight without gaining much muscle definition. But if you are looking for that WOW factor, you’re going to want some toned muscles too. Getting that sculpted booty, rock hard abs and those firm, chiseled arms is only going to happen if you are focused on strengthening your muscles, not just burning fat.

If you are looking to build muscle, it is recommended to aim for sets of 6-10 reps with a heavy enough weight that will tire you by the time you have completed the sets. Make sure you give your body adequate time to rest after a weight training session since this is the time when your muscles repair themselves and get stronger.

Here’s to having the body you’ve always dreamed of- let’s go pump some iron!


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  1. Something I have been teaching for decades! Great info!!!!!! This is true for women of all ages! As we age we lose valuable muscle! It’s never too late to begin!

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